Vodafone VR Game







The briefing

The good folks at FUTURECANDY asked us to create a VR game for their client Vodafone. The game was part of the Vodafone exhibition stand at CeBIT 2015. The game lets the user experience the speed of Vodafone’s LTE wireless data network.

The tasks

We were responsible for additional concept development, storyboarding, game design, art direction, sound design and programming.


VR gaming: a challenging medium

The experience had to work for the majority of visitors without inducing motion sickness. The game had to be easy to use for “non-gamers”.

Time constraints

The project had to be finished in just one month!


Short and easy gameplay

Users enter a data package that travels through a data stream. On their way they have to collect “Vodafone power points” that accelerate the data package until it reaches LTE speed. Keeping the playing time short helps the inexperienced users not to be overwhelmed with the VR experience. A custom-made input device made it easy to use.

Abstract aesthetics

We chose an abstract aesthetic that worked very well with the design language of Vodafone. Furthermore, an abstract aesthetic helps the brain to adapt to a non-realistic environment. It feels more natural to the user to experience an “unexperienced experience” than to compare pseudo-realism to the real world.

Short gameplay clip and first test rendering of the data stream
Data stream, power point and data package

The end result

Players loved it!

See for yourself and check out the video below:

Mission accomplished!

The VR game was the most visited attraction at the Vodafone CeBIT Booth.